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Success Stories

A man on a mission

Gregory Duvall became homeless as a result of substance abuse. He lost several jobs and apartments. But he always seemed to get another job and find someplace to live. This last time when he lost his apartment and job he knew things had to change - physically and emotionally, he was in terrible shape. On November 10, 2016, he entered the Coalition’s Park Road Transitional Housing Program. According to Mr. Duvall, he has received support and encouragement. He has learned to accept help and take advice. He is employed as a waiter/team leader, saving money, and focused on his recovery. He says just having people acknowledge that he is doing well gives him the courage to keep going and having someone to talk to and receive feedback, helped him greatly. Mr. Duvall is preparing to move out of Park Road at the end of July 2017 into permanent housing, more empowered, more encouraged and at peace with who he is. Congratulations Mr. Duvall, the Coalition wishes you continued success.

Former Client Returns After 20 Years To Share Her Story

Sharron Hall, a former client was the guest speaker during the Coalition for the Homeless Volunteer and Staff Reception on November 1, 2016. In 1998 she was a client at the Spring Road Family Apartments; she was 25 with 5 children. Although she had no choice; she was not happy to be in the program. All she wanted was housing. She did not want to talk about her issues with substance abuse and domestic violence. At one point, Sharron was at risk of being removed from the program for not following curfew and other program rules. She was given a second chance. Through encouragement, she enrolled in Families Forward to get her GED and took computer training classes. Sharron says “Spring Road was not just a shelter for 1½ years, it was home.” The staff showed care and compassion. She has kept all her warning letters and other documents as a reminder of how far she has come. Sharron is currently a family support worker at Edgewood Brookland Family Support Collaborative. The Coalition is thankful to Sharron for being open and sharing her story. We wish her continued success.

Path to Independence and Self-Sufficiency

Due to substance abuse problems, a troubled marriage, mental and physical stress, Vernon Suggs could not keep a job and became homeless. He ended up at Blair Transitional Rehabilitation Program on October 8, 2016. To help Mr. Suggs get back on his feet, he received supportive services, counseling, job referral and placement assistance through the Coalition’s in-house Employment Program. As a result, Mr. Suggs has been employed since April 2017. As an onsite Service Technician at Van Ness Luxury Apartments, he pays reduced rent, makes $20 per hour and receives full benefits. In addition, he will receive free training and certification as an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning) Technician. Mr. Suggs confidence and determination has been restored. He wants to succeed and become more productive. He says he feels motivated to get up in the morning to join the working class and provide a service to others. Great progress Mr. Suggs; keep up the good work!

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