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Board of Directors

The Coalition for the Homeless is governed by an 14-member Board of Directors. The Board actively oversees the activities of the Coalition for the Homeless—setting long-term goals and priorities as well as monitoring the Coalition’s financial, administrative, personnel policies and approves major new program initiatives. To accomplish these tasks, the board meets five times each year in regular meetings, with special meetings of board officers and board committees as necessary.

Board Officers

Geoffrey P. Lewis

Richard Appleton
Vice Chairperson

Matthew S. Galvez

Pamela A. Gibbs

Executive Staff

Michael L. Ferrell
Executive Director

John M. Nwaogbe
Director of Finance and Administration

Advisory Board

Marland Buckner, Jr.
Peter Gartlan
Michael Mazer
Gerald McCorkle
Frank W. Williams, III
N. Derek Wilkinson 

A Former Client Returns after 20 Years to Share Her Story

The Story of Sharron Hall

Sharron Hall, a former client was the guest speaker during the Coalition for the Homeless Volunteer and Staff Reception on November 1, 2016. In 1998 she was a client at the Spring Road Family Apartments; she was 25 with 5 children. Although she had no choice; she was not happy to be in the program. All she wanted was housing. She did not want to talk about her issues with substance abuse and domestic violence. At one point, Sharron was at risk of being removed from the program for not following curfew and other program rules. She was given a second chance. Through encouragement, she enrolled in Families Forward to get her GED and took computer training classes. Sharron says “Spring Road was not just a shelter for 1½ years, it was home.” The staff showed care and compassion. She has kept all her warning letters and other documents as a reminder of how far she has come. Sharron is currently a family support worker at Edgewood Brookland Family Support Collaborative. The Coalition is thankful to Sharron for being open and sharing her story. We wish her continued success.

Through your donation, you can help create more success stories like this one for residents of the District of Columbia that are struggling with homelessness.

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