Andrew Grimaldi,

Chief Financial Officer
Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation


Andrew Grimaldi is the Chairperson of the Coalition’s Cultural Committee. The committee is focused on developing best practices in board management, ensuring the Coalition is a great place to work, and exploring ways to encourage innovation across the organization. Andrew’s passion for working to prevent homelessness comes from his own experience.

When Andrew was a teenager, his parents’ home went into foreclosure due to his father losing a good-paying job. The foreclosure negatively impacted the family with lingering debt and bad credit for over a decade.  It took a long time for the family to overcome their financial difficulties and become stable.

Andrew currently works as the Chief Officer at the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (FCSIC). He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and an Attorney.  He has excellent experience in board governance issues, especially around financial reporting, and internal controls.

Before joining FCSIC, Andrew was a Branch Chief at the Securities and Exchange Commission, where he led several system implementations to streamline and automate business processes. He also served as an auditor with the Government Accountability Office and KPMG.  Andrew obtained his B.S. in Accounting at Manhattan College and went to UDC David A. Clarke School of Law for his Juris Doctorate.  He is licensed to practice law in the state of Maryland.  He is currently enrolled in a master’s degree program in Agricultural and Applied Economics at Virginia Tech.


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