Megan McConville, Secretary

City and Regional Planner

Megan McConville is a city and regional planner with over ten years of experience launching and leading community development initiatives at federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and a national association, and she has worked hand in hand with urban and rural communities across the country to support sustainability, economic revitalization, affordable housing, and disaster and climate resilience.  Most recently, Megan served as an Obama Administration appointee at USDA, where she was Senior Advisor to the Administrator of the Rural Housing Service and Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Rural Development.  Prior to joining USDA, Megan worked at the National Association of Development Organizations, where she created and directed the disaster and economic resilience program, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Sustainable Communities, where she delivered technical assistance on smart growth policy to local governments.  Megan has a Masters in City & Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill and a BA from Dartmouth College.  Megan is currently consulting on urban planning and economic development issues.


  • 1234 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Suite C-1015
  • DC, Washington 20005
  • (202) 347-8870

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